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How I became a tour guide!

My project started informally as I was asked to accompany friends to utility companies, make phone calls, aid in bureaucratic processes, and help in many other ways by translating.

As I began getting recommended, I established my concierge service which also included helping people find rental properties, accompany during house hunting, visiting on their behalf, reviewing contracts, etc.

As a result of my experience with rentals, I became very familiar with the area Lakeside and the pros and cons of each neighborhood.

This allowed me to offer a comprehensive tour of the main neighborhoods and give an explanation of what the experience could be like in each plus the conditions you might face if you decided on a certain place.

I take into consideration my clients’ needs and preferences in order to help them make a better decision while relocating.  

What the tour is like  

The tour lasts approximately two hours and starts in downtown Ajijic.

Then, we will go to the Racquet Club in San Juan Cosala and begin to drive west to east, through the carretera all the way to Chapala.

We visit several neighborhoods, both mountainside and lakeside of the carretera.

I will provide you with a printed out map that I have been making notes on and that will help you keep track and remember the information I provided to you.  

Also, there will be an independent driver so I can comfortably converse with you and answer any question 

you may have during the tour.

Why my tour is different

I work completely independently from any agency, office, organization or otherwise any type of company 

besides my own freelance enterprise.

I do not and have never received a commission or any type of kickback for showing, renting or selling a property.

My interest is to inform and educate people on the reality of living in Mexico.

Our living options vary widely over the span of the small area it encompasses.

I can give you an idea of what would be better for your needs and wants.

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